National Wildlife refuge

Repetition, Performance, 2020


Every year more than thousands of Iranians immigrate to different countries because of the corrupt government. I am one of them. We left our hometown because there is no equality, we didn't have freedom of speech. We left our hometown because women don't have any rights there. Women don't allow dance, don't allow singing a song, ban of the veil, equal salaries for men and women. Women are not equal under Iran's constitution. Women under the law are treated as half a man. Not wearing a veil in public can be punished by law with up to 10 years of prison.

Iran changed a lot now when you compare it with 20 years ago because many people sacrificed themselves for us. People protested and tried to change the regime, but they executed them when they defended their rights. People always try to break the rules but always there is a fear. Every day we hear news about the Innocent people who defend their smallest rights. We listen to the news every day to hear the magic happen to our homeland. Our hearts ache every time there is a riot because we know people will be Killed. It seems like there is a vacuum in our hearts. We hope of going back to the city of wishes, the city of freedom.

I used to dance with my skates but always with the fear of the police. The idea of dancing in the national wildlife refuge started when I was dancing in my private and I was thinking about my childhood. I remember since I was a kid, I just danced in our house and danced with myself while I watched myself on the off-TV screen. the off tv screen like a dark mirror. Fear of watching myself in real life. I've practiced with my reflection on the TV screen.

like usual, I was dancing on my Tv's screen. I was thinking about the action that I have never done in my life. I decided to go dancing outside without any fear. I've felt I have freedom. How I am free when I dance with no fear.

I dance to find my freedom, to crush and mash everything under my feet that still bother me.

I imagine a world without war, a world without poverty, a world that massacre is not justified by religious bigotry.

Music: Evigt Mörker, Högre