Memories and Memorialization

Memories and Memorialization, Performance, 2020

I am building a tent house that I painted in my childhood, with a window on one side that opens to the tree that I used to talk to when I was little. Referring to my childhood memories and growing up with seeing all motives that I was always amazed by. The beauty of the ancient Iranian architecture, buildings, houses, rugs, and patterns inspired me in this project. This tent

house does not have any specific location. I am building my own home above all the borders and differences, A home without a foundation, a home with walls made out of memories. This home is me; it is what makes me different than another, my past, and what I have been through. Otherwise, we all should be the same souls.

I made it resemble a space that appeared in many of my key dreams, my thoughts, and experiences. A space that I strive to find myself to feel free of my anxiety, fears, and trauma that has been chasing me. I started to sketch and draw from my trauma; I can feel my fear during the processing of drawing, and then after I finish, I can feel myself free from them.

I started to dance to find my freedom, to crush and mash everything under my feet that still bothers me. My body resembles a tree when I dance. In the end, the video that I made, is a collage of my recent works to invent a physical space that

can express certain emotions. I found a relation between feelings that I experience and things that

have happened to me during my whole life.

Music: 2814, 終わりと始まり